Big Data

Big data is one of those concepts that everybody is talking about but not many people know what it is. Generally, big data involves collecting a vast amount of data and mining it for essential information that can be used to improve processes, develop solutions, or enhancing quality of life.

For example, big data generated by many sources can address, air pollution, one of the most crucial problems in industrial and populated cities. Adverse effects of air pollution on human health have been the subject of many studies. Development of effective techniques for monitoring and prediction of air pollution is of prime importance. Online air pollution forecasting for the next few hours enables decision makers to urge the vulnerable groups to avoid outdoor activities during the risky times. This is where big data helps.

Big data refers to massive amounts of information that can be simplified into actionable processes.

Big data and environment

In industry, VTEC Lasers and Sensors uses big data collection and analysis to produce real-world solutions that improve quality of life for both businesses and individuals.

For example, monitoring and preserving air quality is one of the most essential activities in many industrial and urban areas today. The quality of air is adversely affected due to various forms of pollution caused by transportation, electricity, fuel uses, and other factors.

Depositing harmful gases including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and so on into the atmosphere creates a serious threat for the quality of life in smart cities. With increasing air pollution, we need to implement efficient air quality monitoring models which collect information about the concentration of air pollutants and provide assessment of air pollution in each area.

Improving quality of life

big dataSystems that collect data on things like air quality evaluation, monitoring, and prediction is critically important to the future of our cities. However, the quality of air is affected by multi-dimensional factors including location, time, and uncertain variables.

Recently, many governments and industries have begun to use the big data analytics approach for studying, evaluating, and predicting air quality due to the advancements in big data applications and the availability of environmental sensing networks and sensor data.

VTEC Lasers and Sensors is involved in both active in the field of sensor networks as well as big data collection, analysis, and implementation.

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