Photonics is currently one of the most rapidly developing technologies for a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, health care, communications, education, and more. But most people have never heard of photonics. So what is it?

Essentially, photonics involves generating and harnessing light and other radiant energy that has the photon as the quantum unit. This includes lasers, optics, fiber-optics, electro-optical sensors, and other devices used to collect, analyze, and transmit data at very high rates of speed.

Photonics generates, detects, and manipulates light through emission, transmission, modulation, signal processing, amplification, switching, and sensing.

Photonics and the future

Photonics is widely considered the cutting-edge technology of the future because it is used in so many rapidly growing industries, including everything from environmental monitoring, aerospace engineering, telecommunications, alternate energy development, and even homeland security. Enabling in hyperscale datacenters huge energy power consumption reductions.

Lasers have a myriad of applications. They can be used for welding of practically any materials in any environment, from fabricating metal for industry to surgically scalpels for human skin in operating rooms to targeting objects in outer space. Thanks to their high bandwidth, lasers can carry information much further than traditional radio frequencies or even microwave signals.

Lasers can even be used to create spectral analyses of gases and solids to identify and quantify concentrations of different elements.

VTEC and Photonics

VTEC Lasers and Sensors is one of the fastest growing providers of photonics solutions for industries worldwide.

Thanks to our innovation strength VTEC is the expert in custom made solutions in the unexplored technology frontier. Our teams of young, enthusiastic, and ambitious photonics experts develop tailormade solutions to even the most complex problems.

  • VTEC is specialised in creating, designing and testing photonic applications.
  • VTEC is one of the first members of the Photon Delta ecosystem.

Our goal is simple: We want to create integrated photonics to make the world a better place with regard to safety, comfort, health, efficiency and pleasure. One business solution at a time.

Integrated photonics

The world of industrial lasers, sensors, integrated circuits, and optical chips is rapidly evolving. Technology that was cutting edge just a few years ago is not considered adequate.

VTEC Lasers and Sensors keeps up with the latest developments in Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuits (ASPIC) and other related technology so that we can provide our clients with the latest and most advanced solutions.

Our goal is to create innovative, customized solutions that create immediate results that contribute to the success of our partners. The best way to achieve this objective is to apply best practices and advanced technology to practical applications.

Photonic functions

Up until a few years ago, silicon was the primary material for integrated electronics. But today, ASPICs are just as likely to be one of many different material platforms, each of which provides expedited functions and properties.

While silica is still the most common material for Arrayed Waveguide Gratings (AWGs) and other passive components, materials used for light sources, detectors and other active components has to come from the Indium Phosphide material system. This can enhance photonic functionality for tools like filters, lasers, power splitters, optical amplifiers, optical modulators, and many more.

Photonic testing

Complex devices often involve complex testing to measure all the relevant parameters of the device. These test setups are not readily available in the market as a service. VTEC has invested in building up a test bed for measuring the DC as well as the RF (upto 25GHz) parameters of these devices. VTEC also offers this testing as a service.

Next generation photonics

ASPICs and other advanced technologies allow VTEC Lasers and Sensors to develop innovative, creative, and tailormade solutions for clients in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, health care, education, communications, and many others.

ASPICs and other rapidly developing technologies allow VTEC Lasers and Sensors to provide the fastest, smartest, and most effective solutions for practically any business. We stay ahead of the curve so your business can stay on top.

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