VTEC Lasers and Sensors doesn’t offer any specific products that can be offered on store shelves or sold online. We do help our clients create effective, innovative products that they can offer themselves.

What VTEC Lasers and Sensors offers its clients are solutions. We analyze specific problems in practically any industry – including manufacturing, electronics, telecommunications, military, education, and healthcare, among others – then develop innovative, creative turnkey solutions involving integrated photonics or IoT.

This often includes product development and final manufacturing.

Integrated photonics

Every business problem is unique. Sometimes an organization needs systems for measurement, data collection, and high-speed transmission of information to a variety of distant locations.

In other instances a business needs integrated photonics to enhance an existing product or create an all-new product from the ground up. In today’s business environment, this is a common requirement in the areas of medical devices, wearables, and industrial assembly, among others.

Sometimes the client may need both: Systems to identify or analyze a business problem as well as a new or reinvented product to provide solutions.

VTEC’s strength is in developing the basic building blocks for Photonic integration as well as the complete products including design, electronics, mechanics, software as well as the remote monitoring and updating system.

Product development

VTEC Lasers and Sensors works with clients to create innovative, creative, and effective solutions, including product development, integration, and process management and analysis.
Our proven track record of success in applying integrated photonics to create solutions for both simple and complex problems speaks for itself.

Our goal is simple: We want to make life better one integrated solution at a time!

Spin-off products are offered by our sister company ISENSIT
High speed communication products are offered by Sinochip

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