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VTEC Lasers and Sensors works with clients in a wide variety of industries, including telecommunications, health care, education, and manufacturing. One of our calling cards are solutions involving sensing.

Sensors are devices that measure physical quantity then convert this data into signals. Measurements created by sensors are critical for today’s fast-growing digital environments. A near-infinite amount of data that can be measured using sensors, including things like location, displacement, movement, sound frequency, temperature, humidity, electrical voltage levels, camera images, chemical composition, and many others.

Changes in environment

Many of the sensors developed by VTEC Lasers and Sensors are used to detect changes or specific events within an environment. Many sensors are used in tandem with other electronic devices ranging from something as simple as a light source to as complex as a high-speed computer.

Our systems analysts and designers use advanced chip technology to integrate entire arrays of sensors to provide all the data your business needs to make smart decisions that improve quality of life.

Sensors are one of the fastest-growing areas of modern technology. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), some industry experts predict that as many as 50 billion sensors could soon be in powering smart devices and other integrated equipment worldwide.

Measurement tools

VTEC Lasers and Sensors designs, creates, and implements sensors to measure practically anything, from the size of packages being shipped to the sub-micron wavelength parameters being emitted from a photonic integrated circuit.

Measuring is what we do. It’s what allows us to offer innovative, tailormade solutions that make our client’s business lean, smart, and more profitable. By measuring using our sensors, your business can know how to improve quality of life.

And the use of sensors will only become more prevalent in the future. IoT uses sensors to understand and measure the world. Data collection can include simple things like temperature as well as highly complex things like video feed, form of location, sound, humidity, and how all these things relate to each other in a rapidly changing and adapting environment.

Sensors allow billions of pieces of data to be quickly compiled, analyzed, and acted upon to feed an ever-advancing understanding of your business and our world. VTEC Lasers and Sensors has the sensors you need to enable a full data stream to improve the quality of life for your business.

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