VTEC Lasers and Sensors creates customized tech solutions for a variety of industries, such as telecommunications, energy, health care, manufacturing, packaging, and more. Many of these solutions include the use of low-power wireless devices and systems that include high-tech Internet of Things devices.

Each of the solutions we develop is unique. We don’t offer any cookie-cutter, off the shelf products. Instead, we analyze the specific needs of each individual client then create, test, and implement tailormade solutions that are always the best fit for a client.

One of the biggest things we do is create effective ways to generate accurate measurements. Using lasers, sensors, and other high-tech components, we build systems that measure practically anything, including things like size, temperature, speed, growth rates, light, heat, and more.

Generally, we first build a prototype that can be tested prior to implementation. Once the system is proven effective, it can then be installed, replicated, or even mass produced depending on the client. Our own production facility in Shanghai ensures independent development and secured IP, making VTEC a true one-stop-shop to build upon.

As a partner, VTEC works complementary to its customers. Our extensive knowledge, empathy and quality network form the foundation in our collaboration. All competences are readily available internally. VTEC energetically connects knowledge and resources both inside and outside our company. This saves time which could be a major advantage to our clients.

Research and development

A lot of businesses want to develop new products, create better and more efficient processes, or generally improve the products or services they offer. But they lack the research and development laboratories required to achieve these objectives.

Think of VTEC Lasers and Sensors as your business’s own personal R&D lab. Our multidisciplinary teams of experienced, professional systems designers have the knowledge and ability to research, analyze, build, and test systems that can improve quality of life for your business.

We offer an array of R&D services, including:

  • Feasibility study
  • Mechanical design (both product and tools for manufacturing)
  • Electrical layout design
  • Optical path and coupling design
  • High frequency packaging approach design
  • Prototypes and qualification
  • High speed testing

Obviously, the R&D path your project requires will depend on your business’s specific needs. But VTEC Lasers and Sensors can design, test, and build your system to resolve your problem and offer solutions quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Customized product design

Perhaps your business needs to develop a new product or redesign an existing product so that it is faster, more cost effective, or better.

VTEC Lasers and Sensors can help. We create customized opto-electronic components and modules that are specifically designed for fiber optic and sensing applications. Once these are designed and built, they can be tested as part of a feasibility study that takes into consideration parameters definition, design approach, budget, time schedule, and available resources.

Verification samples can then be designed and assembled and customized process introduction can be initiated based on your business’s specific new customized product requirements.

Finally, processes can be launched according to specified standards so that manufacturing can initiated.

At VTEC Lasers and Sensors, we offer a broad array of services designed to improve your business and make the world a better place to work and live in, one solution at a time.

Because many of our projects are confidential we have to refer to an European FP7 project called Waternomics where we designed and build the sensors and the complete IoT network including data dashboard. Project score from the EU Commision for the project was “excellent”.

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