As our name implies, VTEC Lasers and Sensors uses two primary tools to create customized solutions for measuring, analyzing, storing, and collating date for a variety of industries: Lasers and sensors.

Lasers may be self-explanatory. But what about sensors?

What sensors do

In the human body, our senses tell us what things look like, smell like, feel like, and sound like. In industry, mechanical or electronic sensors essentially do the same thing. Only instead of using biological functions, industrial sensors use mechanics, electronics, and other technology.

Just like your eyes process light to create vision, sensors measure physical, quantifiable data and convert it into a signal. In other words, sensors capture real-world physical measurements such as size, weight, electrical charge, and more, and record it as data that can be transmitted digitally to devices such as computers, tablets, phones, and others.

The data sensors can measure is practically unlimited. In addition to the measurements listed above, sensors also can measure things like location, displacement, movement, sound frequency, temperature, pressure, humidity, electrical voltage, camera images, color, and chemical composition. And that’s just the beginning.

Use of sensors

The goal of a sensor is to detect events or changes in the environment. A sensor is always used with other electronics, as simple as a lamp or as complex as a computer. Advanced chip technology makes it possible to integrate all the required functions at low cost, in a small volume, and with low energy consumption. The number of sensors around us is increasing rapidly. Estimates vary, but many expect that by 2020 more than 50 billion sensors will be connected to each other via the Internet of Things (IoT).

At VTEC Lasers and Sensors, we use many different types of sensors for our applications. This is an overview of the parameters we used sensors for: water flow for domestic and industrial applications, water quality, pressure, acceleration, inclination, location, position, rotation, temperature sensor, humidity, sound, posture, heart rate, breathing, gases, fine-dust, CO2, TVOC.

The sensor technologies that we have applied include magnetic encoders, eddy current, UV light, dynamic focusing, accelerometers, gyroscopes, optical, thermal, MEMS, lasers, photonic integrated circuits, microphones, photonic crystals and more.

Sensors are the heart and soul of the solutions we create for our clients. Paired with lasers and other technology, there isn’t anything we can’t measure.

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