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A SmartMultiSensor measures everything you need to manage a modern building: from HVAC, lighting and air quality to tracking the number of people in office spaces (for effective room utilization). Our APIs allow developers to smoothly integrate the SmartMultiSensor with current systems or access the sensor data through our online platform. The SmartMultiSensor includes extensive connectivity possibilities: like LAN, Daisy-chain, or Power over Ethernet. For those needing a separate secure network connection, 4G is also possible. These connectivity possibilities also provide additional support functions like locating and guiding guests.

Download the specification document here.


The MyAir is a versatile and portable job exposure sensor. It can detect small, invisible particles in the air called finedust which have a diameter smaller than 10 micrometers. These particles are harmful to your health as they increase the risk for heart, vascular and lung diseases and reduce the life expectancy. With the MyAir, you can gain insight how much finedust you are exposed to, as well as other information, to help easily measure your environment while on the move, and better manage air circulation.

Download the specification document here

APMA System

APMA stands for Air Pollution Monitoring & Allocation. The APMA system is used to: • Monitor air pollution in real-time • Allocate air pollution sources • Automate reporting of pollution incidents • Study mid and long-term trends The APMA system detects harmful particles in the air like fine-dust which increases the risk for heart, vascular and lung diseases. Pollution data is first gathered at measuring stations. It is then transmitted to an online cloud platform where it is analyzed.

Download the specification document here

EML Laser DIode for PON

As an example of a completed photonic chip-based product, VTEC presents a high-speed, high-power EML laser diode for PON networks. In order to fulfil both the requirements of high launch power and increasing data rates in the widely deployed PON networks for broadband networks access we offer a solution that achieves 13 dBm output power for up to 50 Gb/s bitrate.

Download the specification document here

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