VTEC Lasers and Sensors doesn’t follow the traditional business model. We have no line of products that we offer online or in retail stores. We don’t offer specific services to clients or businesses.

Instead, our innovative analysts, designers, and technicians create customized solutions for manufacturing, health and fitness, education, communications, and a wide variety of other industries. The shape those solutions take depends on the client’s unique requirements. VTEC has it’s own production facility in Shanghai for low and high volume production. This guarantees secured IP and makes VTEC a true independent one-stop-shop.

Using technology to make a difference

The way it works is this: A business has a problem or issue. It may be in the manufacturing process, in data collection, information analysis and transmission, or practically any other real-world scenario. For most of our clients, there is no cookie-cutter solution or off-the-shelf product they can plug in to fix their issue.

What VTEC Lasers and Sensors does is conduct a thorough analysis of the situation in concert with the client, then develops a unique, creative, and innovative solution often involving diode lasers, sensors, and other technology.


Generally, a prototype is then developed and tested in collaboration with the client, often using 3D printed electronics and other 21st Century technologies. Data and concepts are then generated and collected and implemented until the prototype offers the ideal solution.


In some instances, VTEC Lasers and Sensors partners with industrial designers to create a series of products that can be manufactured. We design, streamline, test, and implement solutions to validate the client’s processes and concepts.

Development of both prototypes and products series are built in compliance with ISO 13485 (medical devices) as well as all other international, national, and local laws, rules, and ordinances. VTEC Lasers and Sensors prides itself on being an eco-friendly technology company.

At VTEC Lasers and Sensors, our goal is to design, create, and implement innovative solutions that work to make people’s lives better. It’s what we do.

Turnkey Solutions

The term “turnkey” solutions refer to the business principle of fast, easy, and immediate implementation to existing business processes. Turnkey solutions allow for instant implementation without the client having to conduct research, testing, prototype development, and other processes that consume time, money, and attention.

VTEC Lasers and Sensors specializes in providing turnkey solutions involving integrated photonics for a variety of industries. Our teams of experienced, knowledgeable analysts and engineers work with our clients to thoroughly understand the problem, then come up with innovative, unique, and tailormade solutions that work right away.

Analysis and design

The primary benefit offered by VTEC Lasers and Sensors is that clients don’t have to waste time and energy on research and development, testing, and trials. Instead, the integrated photonics experts at VTEC Lasers and Sensors can handle the entire solution development while always keeping the client both informed and involved in the process.

From the simplest to the most complex problem, we have the experience and expertise and a world wide network of quality suppliers to provide your business with turnkey solutions you want. Our process can include:

  • Translation of process related specification
  • Concept design
  • Project management
  • System design and architecture
  • 3D modeling and drafting
  • Dynamic modeling
  • FEM analysis

Prototype development

Once concepts are tested in collaboration with our clients, a prototype can be developed to test solutions and begin measurements and data creation. Next, exhaustive testing and calculations are compiled and simulations are run to test viability.

Finally, successful prototypes can be built up to real-world, live turnkey solutions that provide the desired results starting from Day 1.

VTEC Lasers and Sensors has the experience, knowledge, and innovation strength to create fast, effective, and customized turnkey solutions for any business, including yours.

Our objective is simple: We want to make the world a better place, one integrated photonics solution at a time.

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