Internet of Things (IoT)

The term “Internet of Things” refers to the increasing interconnectedness of data, information, and technology. It is one of the biggest and fastest growing fields for manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, education, and a myriad of other industries and fields.

The Internet of Things, commonly referred to in shorthand as IoT, is the single most dynamic and exciting development in the melding of information and communications technology today. Although networking technologies have become increasingly commonplace in recent years, up until now they traditionally included only end-user devices, such as mainframes, desktop and laptop computers, and, more recently, smartphones and tablets.

Today, a much broader range of devices can be joined to any network, including things like personal or commercial vehicles, household appliances, medical devices, electric meters and controls, streetlights, traffic controls, smart TVs, and digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Right now, more than eight billion such devices are connected to the network. By 2020, this number is expected to expand to more than 25 billion. And that’s big business. Some tech industry observers project that IoT may generate as much as US$13 trillion in revenue by 2025.

IOT Internet of thingsData collection and analysis

A big part of IoT is collecting, collating, analyzing, and distributing data. Industries like healthcare, manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, and others will need innovative, accurate, and fast systems for measuring and manipulating data. That’s where VTEC Lasers and Sensors comes into the picture.

We design IoT systems that are critically different from traditional IT solutions. Our teams of experienced IoT experts build systems that bridge the physical world of Operations Technology (OT) with sensors, actuators, lasers, and communication devices, and the digital world of Information Technology (IT) with data, analytics, workflows, and applications.

VTEC Lasers and Sensors applies unique, customized systems that can design the analog or digital, electronics to read out the devices, as well as actuators. Our solutions mediate between a set of IoT devices and act as a bridge between the sensors/actuators and the cloud, deciding what data to send and when. In reverse, they also process commands and updates coming from the cloud. VTEC can use smart phones, gateways for mediation between sensors and cloud.

We use AWS as the preferred cloud platform and store, process and display data from this platform. But we also can build a device management system that simplifies the process of configuring, provisioning, and operating the endpoint devices. It supports monitoring, testing, updating software, and troubleshooting connected devices.

API Management API Management is a core service to provide openness on all layers in the IoT platform for device communication, data-, service-, and backend integration, and application development. VTEC Lasers and Sensors also can design an API service to provide openness on all layers in the IoT platform for device communication, data-, service-, and backend integration, and application development.

In a world where IoT is connecting varied and seemingly incongruous systems, VTEC Lasers and Sensors is creating IoT solutions that improve quality of life for both businesses and people.

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