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VTEC Lasers and Sensors works with clients in so many various industries that listing them would be too much. But they include everything from oil and gas pipeline inspections systems, to infrared thermometers for collecting data in manufacturing heat flow systems, to developing data collection for everything from food safety to microprocessors used in telecommunications.

Each of these industries is unique in the same way that each of the data collection, measurement, and analytical solutions VTEC Lasers and Sensors creates is tailormade to each client’s specific requirements.

Unique solutions

We offer no off-the-shelf, cookie cutter solutions for our clients. As one of the fastest-growing business solution providers for a multitude of industries, that approach simply isn’t practical.

Instead, our teams of highly skilled, outside-of-the-box analysts and systems designers approach each client according to their unique perspective. The solutions we provide are customized to fit the specific situations.

Real world applications

For example, we might create a system of components for observing, inspecting, and analyzing welds or corrosion in oil or natural gas pipelines located in remote areas. Using high-tech laser and sensors, we can design, build, test, and install a system that can be interfaced with wireless technology so that data can be collected, collated, and acted upon on wireless devices from anywhere in the world.

Or we might create laser and sensor systems for using infrared thermometers to detect breakdown of insulation, heat loss or gain, and furnace and duct leakage in a high-rise office building – or even a series of buildings located in cities all around the world.

Or VTEC Lasers and Sensors might develop a customized system for checking foodservice equipment for signs of damage, health analysis and critical control points, or even buildup of dirt and debris. Then we could develop a system that informs clients of any environmental changes so they can be acted upon immediately in order to protect health and expedite productivity.

The bottom line is that the array of solutions provided by VTEC Lasers and Sensors is endless. Whatever issues your business is having, we can build the system that will provide solutions that improve quality of life for both businesses and people.

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