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Improve Quality of Life

Custom made solutions in Photonics and IoT


From proof-of-principle to our production facility in Shanghai

Improve Quality of Life

Together we can explore unlimited possibilities

Internet of Things

Innovative solutions that improve Quality of Life

Knowledge you can build on

VTEC Lasers & Sensors develops total solutions for new application areas in photonics and IoT. We provide technology and products for creating, transporting, bundling and analyzing data. With the knowledge that this yields, the quality of life improves in all kinds of ways with regard to comfort, efficiency, safety, health and pleasure.

Why VTEC Lasers & Sensors

  • Tailormade / Custom solutions: VTEC complements its customers and partners in their core activities. Together we ensure the best solution. Go to way of working
  • One-stop-shop: from proof-of-principle up to mass production, the entire application is in competent hands with VTEC. VTEC has its own production facility in Shanghai. Go to solutions
  • Exceptional knowledge: with our long experience in opto-electronics and broad knowledge we know how to combine technologies like no other. Go to about us
  • Innovative strength: VTEC is the expert for applications in technically unexplored areas. Go to innovation
  • Fast working method: VTEC energetically connects knowledge and resources. This saves time which could be a major advantage to you. Go to way of working or turnkey solutions
  • Worldwide network: VTEC has an excellent network of quality suppliers. Go to services
  • Testing & Photonic packaging: VTEC specializes in testing photonic applications and photonic packaging. Go to photonic testing or photonic packaging


Telecom / Datacommunication


A hand is holding a plate with a city on top. Above the city digital icons symbolising 5G.


Abstract image of green digital ones and zeros on a wave shaped surface.

Smart Buildings

Office building with a glass wall, trees are reflected in the glass and the sun shines through the leaves.


In a fitness hall a sporter on a fitness device receives intelligence about his body and performance.

Agro / Food

A farmer in a greenhouse compares the crop with data on a tablet.


A small screen with a virtual storeroom is held by someone in a real-life storeroom to control logistics.


A lady in a white coat and with plastic gloves looks at a sterile production situation while holding a touch.


Helicopter view of a Dutch landscape showing highways, agriculture and houses next to each other.


“We got to know Jan and his team as a partner who goes for the long term relationship. They dare to take the extra step and have guided us through unknown terrain with proportional challenges. This has led to an important innovation for us with absolute added value for our customers”.
– Walter, CEO fit20 Group BV



“I recommend VTEC as partner for the design, development and production of customized laser and laser-based sensors in view of the knowledge, experience and supply-chain network built over many years”.
Giuseppe Coppola, Photon Delta.



A very professional and thorough company with in-depth knowledge of optoelectronics, lasers and sensors. Their founder Jan Mink has many years experience and is a pleasure to work with and is so helpful in dealing with your queries, no matter how big or small. This company is ideal for anybody looking for fast, unique and custom solutions for their products.
Marian Hall




Photon Delta

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